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#贍養費 #青春期 #容易生氣的 #已婚 #做義工 #緊急狀況 #名人 #太空人  你知道怎麼說嗎? 來看美劇"男人兩個半" S2-16  1⃣ 贍養費💰 ➜ alimony 🗣️台詞: Alan: I pay you alimony and child support so that you can have a nice house... a nice car, every weekend free because I've got Jake. Alan: No one at the IRS could believe I was paying as much alimony as I claimed.  2⃣ 隱私 ➜ privacy 🗣️台詞: Jake: Can I have some privacy, please? Charlie: For what? You're 11.  3⃣ 青春期 ➜ puberty 🗣️台詞: Jake: That's close to puberty.  4⃣ 吐口水、口水 ➜ spit 🗣️台詞: Jake: That's spit. 那是口水欸 Jake: You're not really a morning person, are you?🌅 Charlie: You're just saying that because I spit on your head. 🦱  5⃣ 脾氣不好的 ➜ grumpy😡 相似詞 bad-tempered,irritable,cranky 🗣️台詞: Jake: Well, he's been really grumpy lately. You're usually in a good mood. I figure it's because you have sex. 美劇Disney+影集 "追愛總動員"(老爸老媽浪漫史) S5-8  1⃣ 結婚、已婚的👰 ➜ married  🗣️台詞: Marshall: "Six months later? Married! Ted: Six months later... Married! Marshall: She is so about to get married.     2⃣  慈善工作,義工 ➜ charity work  也說volunteer work  🗣️台詞: Lily: I don't see him anywhere. He must be out doing charity work. So, different bar?  3⃣ 有名的 ➜ famous  名人: celebrity 🗣️台詞: Woman: Are you, like famous or something?  4⃣ 太空人👨‍🚀 ➜ astronaut 🗣️台詞: Woman: You're an astronaut? 🧑‍🚀  5⃣ 🚨緊急狀況🚨 ➜ Emergency 🗣️台詞: Barney: Guys, code red! Emergency. Lockdown. Nobody's leaving! 💌我的email: lindachao1229@gmail.com ▶️我的Twitter:https://twitter.com/linda22881229 ▶️我的IG: https://www.instagram.com/crazyenglinda/ ▶️我的Facebook Fan Page: |Linda瘋英文|: https://www.facebook.com/linda292916 |睿寶瘋英文|: https://www.facebook.com/daniel090925 ----------------------------------------------------------- ◻ Intro Logo Sound Music No Copyright ~ Vol.2 ▶️ https://youtu.be/Mawu6WOvomU ◻ Free Template Logo Opener Premiere Pro ▶️ https://youtu.be/RpMxkoeRaCw 💌 Sharing is caring, Love is subscribing Click on this link : https://www.youtube.com/hadwinchannel Powered by Firstory Hosting